Fearless Public SpeakingFearless Public Speaking

Fearless Public Speaking  teaches young people how to plan, prepare and deliver a speech with confidence. Outlining, adlibbing, composing, performing, writing and reciting plus overcoming stage fright – everything they need is found in this fun yet practical guide.

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What People Are Saying
“Joy Jones’ advice to young speech makers combines hilarious double-takes along with solid examples of how to avoid being boring, ways of using nervousness as an inspiration, and thankfully – dynamic and stimulating ways to use props and other audiovisuals aids. I can almost hear [teens’] youthful laughter as they read this encouraging text. While they are smiling over Joy’s witty statements, they are learning how to make good speeches.”
Carolivia Herron, author of best-selling Nappy Hair

“When Joy Jones speaks, the audience listens—and learns.  Jones brings her skill and know-how as public speaker, performer, and slam-poetry coach to this lively, informative guide. Tips and playful exercises guide nervous teens to greater confidence whether speaking in a classroom, off the cuff or in competition.  I wish I had this when I was a teen!”
Mary Quattlebaum, children’s author and creative writing professor

“This comprehensive and rich book is written in a style that teens can relate to and gives them the tools they need to be successful. I can’t wait to recommend this book to my teens.”
Adjoa Burrowes, author and illustrator



Private LessonsPrivate Lessons

Even the most devoted teacher needs a dose of inspiration and motivation now and then to stay passionate in the classroom. Private Lessons is the perfect prescription. Thought-provoking messages and positive affirmations give teachers emotional and practical support to rejuvenate and nourish the teaching spirit.




Tambourine MoonTambourine Moon by Joy Jones, illustrated by Terry Widener

Tambourine Moon is a tender family story evoking memories of down home.




Between Black Women: Listening with the Third EarBetween Black Women: Listening With The Third Ear

Joy Jones speaks to women, sister-to-sister, as she helps black women to know themselves and coexist with the men in their lives. Between Black Women: Listening With The Third Ear provides an excellent analysis of the modern black women and provides ideas on how to tackle the relationship crises women face.