Tambourine Moon
by Joy Jones
, illustrated by Terry Widener

September 1999
Simon & Schuster

32 pages


Noni is scared walking home with Grandaddy at night in the city. But Grandaddy knows just how to help. He tells her the story of another night, down home in Alabama, when he himself got the frights. It was the very same night that Grandaddy first met Grandma Ismay. And it was the night of the tambourine moon...

Joy Jones celebrates the magic of love, family, and stories in a poetic text. And Terry Widener's rich, lyrical illustrations are as warm as Grandaddy's mellow, comforting voice. TAMBOURINE MOON will make readers feel snug and peaceful--just like Noni does after hearing Grandaddy's story.

$16.00 US
$23.50 Canada
Ages 4-8

ISBN: 0689806485

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