Featured Educator

Lois Wiley, Teacher, Playwright and Consultant

Logical or creative, linear thinker vs. lateral thinker, mathematics or literature. Most people think that talent in one of these precludes skill in another, but those people would be wrong when it comes to Lois Wiley.

Lois Wiley is a veteran teacher and experienced playwright. She spent 32 years teaching mathematics in DC Public Schools and almost as long doing a wide variety of creative projects, as well. While a junior high school teacher, she mentored girls in the Best Friends program, led the drama club, and wrote plays to teach math concepts. She also writes to entertain the public. Her play, Who's Crazy Here?, was made into an independent film and she has a cult following for her comedy monologues.

Now, she has taken her teaching skills out of the classroom to become an educational consultant. Her specialty is leading workshops on classroom management. “How To Survive Past Halloween” and “Hold On, It’s Almost June” give teachers practical strategies for effective classroom management. To bring her workshop to your school district, contact Lois Wiley at