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The following are excerpts from my book Private Lessons: A Book oF Meditations for Teachers.


Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.
Linda Coons

     My baby nephew loves dirt. Whether its sand in a sandbox, soil in a garden or dust on the sidewalk, he revels in the sensation of tiny grains sifting through his fingers and exclaims at the hills, peaks and swirls he can create with it. A walk around the block takes an hour because he insists on stopping every few steps to play with a pile of dirt. Something as commonplace as dirt is an occasion for joy for Robert. Because there is so much dirt around (both outdoors and inside the house) he’s always happy.

     Would that we would take joy in the extremely ordinary things around us. We may never own a luxury plane - or even a luxury car. We can’t count on being chosen Teacher of the Year or writing a Pulitzer Prize winner. Teachers can’t necessarily count on getting a cost of living raise next year.

     But we can take pleasure in a good night’s sleep, a congenial conversation among friends, a parking space near the door, a short line at the store, a cold drink on a hot day, the smell of a fresh box of crayons, the feel of rain on the face - even in dirt.

Today’s lesson: The plain and ordinary is delightful.


A man ought to desire that which is genuine instead of that which is artificial.
                        -- Okute

     The word “desire”, broken down into its parts means “of” the “Father”, suggesting that our deep wants have a divine origin. With this supreme and compelling source animating the things we want passionately, we are assured of achieving them.

     So what is it that we desire? If our focus is on cars, clothes, and cuties, we may attain them, but still feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

     What would happen if you desired to be an inspiring teacher, an effective parent, a compassionate human? Take your desire to a deeper level.

Today’s lesson: I harness my desires for good.

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     Q: Do you know a teacher who needs some inspiration?

     A: EVERY teacher needs some inspiration!

If you know a teacher, or someone who works with youth, I hope you'll give him or her Private Lessons as a present. I've always wanted to write a meditation book and I'm very excited that Private Lessons is now here. It's good for anyone who wants to reflect on how to be a better human being. This new book is being featured at several area events.

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