December 2007  
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Column: The Conversation Continues
by Joy Jones
Feature Article: Double Dutch Therapy
Book Review by Betty Miller Buttram: Drop Everything And Read: WILD FIRE
by Nelson DeMille



Are you concerned about marriage, courtship, divorce, dating, and living single? Of course you are because you read and responded to "Marriage is for White People." This newsletter features information of interest regarding male-female relationships.

The Conversation Continues
by Joy Jones

The year is almost over, but the conversation continues. We see a variety of headlines in the news about courting, coupling, getting wed and breaking up because these matters are among the things that matter most.

I invite — no, implore — you to share with me what you think. In the ezine issue where I interviewed fatherhood advocate Bill Stephney,I got quite a few impassioned and insightful responses that provoked much thought. I'd like to see more of that.

To that end, I ask you to contact me about submitting a piece for the newsletter, or suggesting topics you wish to see discussed.

I am also considering establishing a blog in 2008 so that the discussion can proceed with more immediacy and interaction.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay sane and enjoy a peaceful December and I'll greet you in the new year.

Double Dutch Therapy

Being overweight or obese and the diseases they generate are usually defined as medical problems. But that strikes me as being short-sighted. It's more of an emotional issue.

I know I'm guilty of eating because I feel tired or angry or even happy and want to celebrate - I'm feeling 1001 things other than hungry. Snacking accepting second helpings, sneaking extra food - there is a reason why it's called comfort food.

Food can take the edge off and it can boost one's mood. But so can exercise.

One of the things I do for exercise is double dutch. Just in case you don't know, double dutch is jumping rope using two ropes turned egg beater style. It's a vigorous style of jumping rope seen primarily in urban areas and done by girls. Four years ago, I founded an Adult Double Dutch program in Washington, DC.

Our showcase jumpers, the DC Retro Jumpers, have appeared in print and on television and we do exhibitions. Check us out with Mayor Adrian Fenty by hitting my website:, watch us in action at: storyid=62681 or catch our act live on cable at www.RL.TV on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 during the 1:00 p.m. hour (EST) on the Daily Cafe Show.

Then take some time to tend to your own mental and emotional health by stepping away from the TV or the computer and doing some exercise. Get jumping!

Drop Everything And Read: WILD FIRE by Nelson DeMille!

Reviewed by Betty Miller Buttram

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States warned each other that if either one of them launched their arsenal of nuclear missiles against one another thousands of people would be eliminated. The Cold War ended; the Soviet Union crumbled and their stockpile of seventy suitcase size nuclear missiles were confiscated; however, the final count is sixty-six; four of them are missing.

Move forward to October 2002, a year and a month after 9/ll, and the United States is about to declare war on Iraq. Before that can happen, some powerful American politicians, military and business leaders of an elite and exquisite hunting lodge named, "The Custer Hill Club," decide to put their plan of vengeance into action using the four missing nuclear missiles. The group plans to bomb four major cities in the United States so that the world and the people of the USA would blame Iraq for the millions of American lives lost. The group believes that this destruction would save the United States. It would become a new nation minus the few million Americans or those dying from the radiation fallout. Somebody needs to stop these people!

The FBI sends an agent on a surveillance mission to the Custer Hill Club. That's a good idea, but the poor guy goes missing. What to do now? The Cavalry is sent in to find their man, that being the FBI and the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force. Well, they don't send everybody at one time, only two people -- John Corey is a former NYPD homicide detective, wounded in the line of duty; retired on disability and now works as a special contract agent for the Federal Anti- Terrorist Task Force. Kate Mayfield works for the same organization as an FBI agent, is John's supervisor as well as his wife.

John is witty, smart and doesn't follow the rules. Kate is serious, smart, more committed to following the rules and a good woman with a gun when used in the line of duty.

Wild Fire is a page-turner; intriguing, scary and makes one wonder about the power of the people in whose hands we place our trust, security and safety.

Joy Jones is a popular speaker, playwright and the author of the op-ed pieces, “Marriage is for White People” and “Why are Black Women Scaring Off Their Men?” plus several books including Between Black Women: Listening With The Third Ear, Tambourine Moon, and Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers.

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