Learn Double Dutch With DC Retro Jumpers
by The Jet Set (jetset.tv)
Double Dutch is the magnetic force that entices children, teens, adults and seniors alike to jump for joy whether it’s a pastime they know and remember from the past or it’s their very first time. Double Dutch is a vigorous style of jumping rope that uses two ropes turning simultaneously.

The DC Retro Jumpers (DCRetroJumpers.com) is the exhibition team of adult jumpers that is available for high-energy demonstrations and lessons. [Click below to view the video interview…]

Learn Double Dutch With DC Retro Jumpers, The Jet Set, March 2020.

Volunteer Spotlight: Joy Jumps for the Heart
American Heart Association
March 5, 2020

As a playwright and author, the fantasy worlds that Joy Jones creates have always intersected with her real one. When she first wrote a play where the main character organizes team of adult double- dutch jumpers, the response was clear- people wanted to see Joy bring her idea to life. In 2004, DC Retro Jumpers was founded. Since then, the team has grown and evolved, participating in countless community demonstrations and clinics. Most importantly, though, DC Retro Jumpers gives adults the chance to be reminded that being active can be fun!
In fact, that is one of Joy’s favorite parts about DC Retro Jumpers- seeing adults briefly transform into care-free children. “Not everyone likes to exercise, but everyone likes to play,” she says. And she’s right. The positive reinforcement and camaraderie seen in the double-dutch team is unique, and what has kept it going for all these years. [Click below to read more…]

Volunteer Spotlight:  Joy Jumps for the Heart, American Heart Association (Eastern States), March 5, 2020


Fearless Pubic Speaking  Included with 23 Important Books by Influential Women
Eve O’Rouke
Improve Her Health (improveherhealth.com)

Fearless Public SpeakingEvery woman needs to find her voice and if she begins while she’s still young – so much the better! Outlining, ad-libbing, composing, performing, writing and reciting – everything you need is found in this fun yet practical guide. In addition to easy-to-read text, the book features easy-to-implement exercises that reinforce the concepts. [Click below to read more…]

Eve O’Rourke, “Inspire Your Teen With 23 Important Books By Influential Women: #15 Fearless Public Speaking by Joy Jones,” Improve Her Health (improveherhealth.com).



Earn $$ helping others get fit!
Joy Jones writes: “Years ago a group of my friends were talking about losing weight, and I suggested we get together to play the jump rope game Double Dutch.”

“I’m a writer, and from that experience, I wrote a play called Outdoor Recess, about older women who play Double Dutch, a game in which you jump in between two long jump ropes that go in opposite directions. When I was promoting the play, my friends suggested I offer Double Dutch events in the community and inspire other women to have fun with fitness. Since it was easy to learn, a great workout and appealed to women who didn’t like the gym, I thought it was a great idea. So in 2004, I founded DC Retro Jumpers (DCRetroJumpers.com). [Click below to read more…]

Earn $$ helping others get fit! First for Women, January 20, 2020.


D.C. Retro Jumpers Remind D.C. How to Double Dutch
Before smartphones and Snapchat, the click-click of double Dutch jump-ropes could be heard in the streets and alleys of Washington and other urban areas. Robin Ebb is the force behind D.C. Retro Jumpers, a group operated by women working to bring double Dutch back to D.C. streets. Joy Jones, founder of D.C. Retro Jumpers and author of a play about double Dutch, said she was inspired to create the group to feed an “intra-generational exercise obsession.”

Justin Wm. Moyer, “‘Black girl magic’: D.C. Retro Jumpers remind D.C. how to double Dutch,” The Washington Post, October 18, 2017.