Earn $$ helping others get fit!
Joy Jones writes: “Years ago a group of my friends were talking about losing weight, and I suggested we get together to play the jump rope game Double Dutch.”

“I’m a writer, and from that experience, I wrote a play called Outdoor Recess, about older women who play Double Dutch, a game in which you jump in between two long jump ropes that go in opposite directions. When I was promoting the play, my friends suggested I offer Double Dutch events in the community and inspire other women to have fun with fitness. Since it was easy to learn, a great workout and appealed to women who didn’t like the gym, I thought it was a great idea. So in 2004, I founded DC Retro Jumpers (DCRetroJumpers.com). [Click below to read more…]

Earn $$ helping others get fit! First for Women, January 20, 2020.


D.C. Retro Jumpers Remind D.C. How to Double Dutch
Before smartphones and Snapchat, the click-click of double Dutch jump-ropes could be heard in the streets and alleys of Washington and other urban areas. Robin Ebb is the force behind D.C. Retro Jumpers, a group operated by women working to bring double Dutch back to D.C. streets. Joy Jones, founder of D.C. Retro Jumpers and author of a play about double Dutch, said she was inspired to create the group to feed an “intra-generational exercise obsession.”

Justin Wm. Moyer, “‘Black girl magic’: D.C. Retro Jumpers remind D.C. how to double Dutch,” The Washington Post, October 18, 2017.