by LaFayette Trawick

Men want love and affection. But what is more paramount – Men want RESPECT.

Men are hawk-eyed when it comes to noting if a woman’s behavior shows him high regard or subtle contempt. Here are the some of the signs of hidden weapons of mass destruction that men look for. And here are the ways women can be a King-MAKER and not a King-KILLER.

King-KILLER – Imply he is not intelligent
King-MAKER – Instead ask for his opinion and give him your confidence

King-KILLER – Imply that you are superior to him at a moral or spiritual level
King-MAKER – Instead, compliment his wisdom and tell him the things you love about him

King-KILLER – Boss him around
King-MAKER – Instead ask for his opinion and give him your confidence

King-KILLER – Make fun of him, put him down (especially in public)
King-MAKER – Instead smile, laugh, make eye contact, get in a good mood and create harmony for a winning partnership

Black women in the Millennial and soon-to-follow ‘Alpha’ generation are being taught not to embrace the traditional marriage paradigm. More and more women are being coached on how to survive WITHOUT a man. There are also fewer and fewer black female role models out here teaching our young women the ethereal wisdom of how exactly how to love and respect the Black man and help to (re)-build the community. As a result, the future and definition of the black family as we’ve come to know it is in a full state of arrest.


LaFayette Trawick is a blogger, freelance writer, and CEO/Founder of Claiming Ignorance; a co-ed Mentoring and Family Advocacy consortium.


posted by Joy Jones @ 7:20 PM, Saturday, June 4, 2015

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